A thank you to the lifesavers

(Port Elizabeth) – A NOVEL concept to inspire and thank crucial emergency services industry staff for their dedication to saving lives is set to launch in the Eastern Cape – with the aim of growing the concept nationally.

On March 3rd, organisers behind Project Sparkle – a project aimed at highlighting the good work done by the emergency services industry – will launch Thank You Thursdays.

“We hope to mobilise the Nelson Mandela Bay Community to dedicate Thursdays to showing gratitude to our dedicate doctors, nurses, support personnel and ambulance drivers working in the city’s hospitals,” said Project Sparkle in a statement. “All of them could be working elsewhere, but yet they choose to stay to help the most vulnerable in our society.”

How you can join in:

Thank You Thursdays is kicking off with a small act of kindness – giving doctors, nurses and those who work at the hospital a chocolate, donated by Cadbury, to say thank you and well done.

You and your company can also join in to show gratitude towards health officials by sponsoring gifts, helping clean up and spruce up local hospitals, or by planning a surprise for a emergency services department of your choice, a ward, or the whole lot of them.

Project Sparkle’s philosophy is that these small little acts of kindness can change the world., one act at a time.

For more information or to join in, Estelle Ellis on 0788498750 or ellise@timesmedia.co.za.