Problem-solving for Bay entrepreneurs

(Port Elizabeth) – In a bid to help budding entrepreneurs think creatively, a Port Elizabeth business incubator is presenting a workshop on problem-solving.
Good News Daily

GOOD NEWS: The Propella Futuremakers Hub is presenting a free workshop on problem-solving.

One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs and managers are faced with when it comes to problem solving is that they can’t identify the root cause of the problem, says entrepreneur Shaun Pillay.

“Things are never easy for a small-business owner. No matter how hard you try, there are always problems to solve and fires to put out. At least you can take comfort in knowing you’re not alone. Every small-business owner goes through the same thing.

“In today’s fast-paced business environment it is essential to acquire the skills and knowledge to peel away the symptoms of a problem and identify the root causes. Failure to do this will impact greatly on the valuable resources of a business,” Pillay adds.

He will be presenting a free introduction to problem solving workshop at the Propella Futuremakers Hub.

It will cover easy to understand approaches to addressing root causes, and in culcating a “fix the root cause, not the symptom” culture at all levels of business, using the “5 Why” approach.

The workshop will be hosted at Propella Futuremakers Hub in Humerail on Wednesday, May 25. It will start at 9am.

“Spending time effectively identifying root causes can actually save your business money and even earn you more revenue by eliminating wastes and optimising your business processes” says Pillay.

Pillay, who owns the Chilli Pepper Café on Circular Drive in Port Elizabeth, also worked at Continental Tyres SA for 10 years as a product manager on the production floor.

To attend the workshop contact Mara Jacobs on 041 5023700 to book your seat. Please book your seat before Tuesday, May 24.