SA’s top brandy producer named

(Stellenbosch) – South Africa’s top brandy producer has been named by the prestigious South African Wine Index.
GOOD NEWS: These three Van Ryn's brandy achieved Platinum ratings of above 95 index points.

GOOD NEWS: These three Van Ryn’s brandies achieved top honours.

The top distiller? Van Ryn’s.

The 12 Year Old Distiller’s Reserve, 15 Year Old Fine Cask Reserve and 20 Year Old Collector’s Reserve achieved Platinum ratings of above 95 index points; while Van Ryn’s 10 Year Old Vintage achieved a Grand Gold of above 93 index points. These three brandies make up three of the top five ranked brandies in the SAWi Grand Wines Collection.

The South African Wine Index was established in 2009 with the aim of independently identifying the country’s best wines in the hope of assisting with the international promotion of the industry.

SAWi’s unique ‘Algorithm of Excellence’ is applied to measure the performance of individual wines, across multiple vintages, and compares and condenses the results from more than 100 multinational competitions, reviews and listings, acknowledging the nature of the competition and any additional accolades bestowed on a wine, and expresses this as a single value out of 100.

“Van Ryn’s is proud to consider itself part of the ‘South African Grand Wines Collection’ with our excellent SAWi ratings,” said Master Distiller Marlene Bester.

Sourced from 585 wineries or more than 6000 wines, the ‘Grand Wines Collection’ currently includes 494 wines and only 203 wines, representing 66 wineries, have achieved Platinum status.

In comparison with previous years, judges said that many more accolades were awarded for brandies. “This marks the renewed interest in the category, which is known internationally for its quality,” Bester said.

This story was sourced from South Africa The Good News