Library launched for the visually impaired

(George) – A “mini-library service” for the visually impaired has been launched in the Southern Cape city of George. 
GOOD NEWS: A Mini-library is now available for Visually Impaired persons in George.

GOOD NEWS: A Mini-library is now available for Visually Impaired persons in George.


“All interested individuals are encouraged to visit George Library and to indicate to the library staff their reading needs and interests. Reading material will be available in audio and in braille. Tactile books will be provided for pre-school children,” the library said in a statement.

“It will be wonderful to see how this programme will serve the reading and information needs of the visually and print-impaired community of George,” said Rachel Williams, Manager: George Libraries,

In pursuit of a knowledge society and to ensure free and fair citizenship, this programme promises to eradicate information poverty, whilst cultural diversity and active citizenship is being encouraged and emphasised. Education and lifelong learning is hereby fostered.

This is an opportunity for all illiterate people to benefit from this free service that is being rendered. The primary objective of this project is to provide access to reading materials through assistive devices and the provision of necessary technology. In this way, different communities are being served in the most tangible manner.

The mandate of the Public Library, namely to serve all members of the community, is hereby addressed. Lives are being enriched, a reading society is being developed, social interaction with other Library users is ensured and access to information and technology is guaranteed.

Members of the public must please visit George Library for more information regarding this service.

This story was sourced from RNews