Tshwane mayor pulls the plug on ‘lavish dinners and lunches’

(Pretoria) – City of Tshwane executive mayor Solly Msimanga has announced two immediate changes which will be used to cut costs in his new administration.

GOOD NEWS: Solly Msimanga with Marietha Aucamp at his swearing-in ceremony on Friday. (Image by: Supplied)

Msimanga put a stop to all inaugural parties and catered inaugural events for Tshwane’s new executive‚ and has stopped celebratory dinners and lunches which only benefit politicians.

“This new government in Tshwane has stopped the spending of exorbitant amounts on food and parties for politicians. We must serve the people‚ not party with public funds‚” he said.

“My focus now is to assess the massive issues we have inherited in Tshwane‚ and there is no time to stop for lavish dinners and lunches.”

Msimanga has also placed a moratorium on all international travel for politicians and officials of Tshwane‚ and trips of this nature will only be allowed after applications are made to the mayoral committee and they are subject to cost-benefit analyses.

“There are benefits to international travel for trade and investment‚ but a culture of taking trips to conferences and junkets all over the world will not be allowed under my government. I have stopped all new international travel requests and we will carefully scrutinise each one individually‚” Msimanga said on Wednesday.

This story was sourced from Timeslive