Nelson Mandela’s Stinkwood tree proclaimed a Champion Tree

In 2008, Nelson Mandela planted a tree in Thokoza Park, in Soweto.

GOOD NEWS: The Stinkwood tree planted by Nelson Mandala in 2008 stands at 8m and has been made one of the Champion Trees by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Today, the Celtis Africana, or white stinkwood, stands at almost 8 metres tall, and has been declared a Champion Tree.

“We are proud to announce the declaration of the Mandela Champion Tree as a provincial heritage site,” s

aid Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo on 8 November 2016. The Gauteng Provincial Heritage Resources Authority (PHRA-G) has graded the site as a Site II Heritage Site.

That meant “the tree is protected; it may not be cut, distributed or damaged and products from the tree may not be possessed, sold or transported without a licence”, said the department. The aim of such a declaration is to heighten socio-economic development in Soweto, particularly Thokoza Park, as a tourist attraction.

Did you know?

The White Stinkwood:

  • When planted in a garden, it can reach a height of 12 metres.
  • The trunk is usually smooth, covered in bark that ranges from pale grey to white.
  • It flowers during spring, August to September. The flowers are small, greenish, star-like and inconspicuous.
  • The tree is resilient because it is drought resistant and is able to withstand frost.
  • It can be found in a wide range of habitats from South Africa’s coast to Ethiopia.
  • The tree is able to grow in forests, rocky areas, the bushveld, on river banks, slopes of mountains, and even open grassland.

This story was sourced from: SouthAfricaInfo