Painting with your hands is hard enough, but mastering it with your mouth is incredible

Cape Town – Mouth-painter, Brenton Swartz, has inspired everyone with his brilliant masterpieces. With brush firmly between his lips he comes alive as he does what he loves best.

GOOD NEWS: Brenton Swartz in action. (Tammy Petersen)

According to this article from News24, the 38-year-old quadriplegic does not talk while he works because he uses his mouth to create his colourful masterpieces, an art he has honed over the past eight years.

On Monday, tiny eyes were trained on the wheelchair-bound painter as he worked on a jazz-themed piece in an arts-and-craft session at the Sibongile Day & Night Centre in Khayelitsha.

Inspired by his measured movements as he mixed his colours and stayed within the lines of his pencil sketch, little ones with a range of disabilities used brushes and even their fingers to mimic his movements, creating little artworks of their own.

Swartz, from Atlantis, took up painting in 2008 after completing his diploma in architecture and having difficulty finding a job.

He always had a love for drawing.

“When I was still walking and able to use my hands, I used to sketch a lot. The only difference now is that I use my mouth,” Swartz said.

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