Dingy entrance to the Cape Town Civic Centre has been transformed into beauty

Cape Town – Manenberg mosaic artists transform Civic Centre entrance with beautiful mosiac murals. And this comes right after they had created detailed mosaics to adorn the walls of a new housing project in Manenberg.

GOOD NEWS: Cape Town Civic Centre mosaic mural.

According to this article from NEWS24, Thamen Adonis laughed when he explained that it was something he had never considered before but now that the bug has bitten, he wants to do more

The city unveiled the labour of love at a special ceremony inside the Civic Centre on Tuesday, with guests and creators marvelling at how the tiles transformed a drab and dingy entrance into a work of art.

Pauline Houniet from the city’s human settlements department, whose brainchild the initiative is, was so impressed with the young people’s artwork on the R123m Manenberg housing project, she wanted them to do more.

Houniet related how 20 expanded public works programme (EPWP) youths were trained in the fiddly business of cutting tiles to set into intricate patterns for the 180m² of mural needed for the housing project.

In addition to giving the EPWP employees and youths from DeafSA the chance to learn something new, the project was in line with the city’s plan to rejuvenate Manenberg. The housing project is expected to be completed in February.

Houniet said when the youths had completed the Manenberg murals, she kept pushing for permission from the Civic Centre’s facilities manager for space there to show off what the city’s young citizens could do.

Using tiles in the black, white, blue, yellow, green and red of the city’s logo, the team transformed the area, using mirror tiles to bring even more light into the space.

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