Sunnyside’s chocolate factory

(Pietermaritzburg) – Five free-spirited gents from Sunnyside Park old age home are breaking gender stereotypes with their custom-made range of chocolates for those with a sweet tooth.

GOOD NEWS: Lui Comanducci (72), Gilbert Victor (82), Tony Oliver (63), Gert Pretorius (90) and Ken Cadle (78) make up the vibrant team.

“We pull one another’s leg all the time,” explains Oliver after the group roar in laughter as Robyn Cruz (Sunnyside’s event organiser) jokes about how Victor came to be coined “Grumps” after his “famous smile”.

The group’s unusual friendship is primarily what makes their new venture a recipe for success, said Comanducci, the group’s chosen speaker.

 “The idea came about in December. We wanted to raise funds for the old age home and Brenda Ferguson, who has been making chocolates for 25 years, took us under her wing,” said Comanducci.

Ferguson said the five were very eager students. “Making chocolates started out as just a hobby. It was something that I enjoyed and the guys were such a pleasure to teach. We spent the whole morning in the kitchen that day but I didn’t even realise because the time went by so quickly” said Ferguson.

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