Children saved from freezing water during flood conditions

(JOHANNESBURG) – Despite the water coming up to his hips, a taxi driver carried two primary school children to safety on his back on Tuesday, while a woman helped the rest of the children out by forming a human chain behind her.

GOOD NEWS: Selina Maduna who saved children in flood conditions

“We had to walk some distance through the water before we could get out,” Selina Maduna of Harry Gwala in Zamdela near Sasolburg told Netwerk24.

Six 8-year-olds from Taaibos Primary School near Sasolburg and Maduna, who works in the school’s kitchen, were in a car along with the driver on Tuesday. They were on their way home.

At about 13:00, flood water came down a gravel road after heavy rains, and they, along with several other cars, were trapped.

 “I could see the water rising and realised that we needed to get out,” said Maduna.

‘Water was freezing’

She was scared she would drown. “But what could I do? I had to get the children and myself out of the water.”

Maduna says she asked a taxi driver to help.

As she helped the children out of the car one at a time, the taxi driver had to make sure that they weren’t swept away by the water.

“The taxi driver carried two of the children on his back and I told the others they must hold hands and follow me. I held the child in front’s hand,” said Maduna.

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