Khayalethu Youth Centre uplifts boys in Port Elizabeth

(Port Elizabeth) – Youngsters at the Khayalethu Youth Centre in Port Elizabeth are in high spirits thanks to a R 35 000 donation by Paarl Coldset Port Elizabeth, which forms part of the Coldset printing division of Novus Holdings.

GOOD NEWS: Youngsters at the Khayalethu Youth Centre in Port Elizabeth.

This CSI initiative aims to give ‘a hand up, not a hand-out’ to its beneficiaries by empowering them to grow independently. 

The Kayalethu Youth Centre instils a sense of pride in boys formerly living on the streets by helping them to aim high and achieve their goals. Khayalethu means “our home” and that is precisely what the Centre provides for the 35 boys aged between six and 21 living there. Earlier this year, the Centre received a financial boost from Paarl Coldset Port Elizabeth to continue their good work.

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