Social Investment Clover Mamas reunite for a quilting course

Clover Mamas reunite for a quilting course

Quilters of Clover Mama Afrika, Clovers CSI project, recently reunited for a four-day quilting course with Rachel du Toit in Centurion. The training course was to teach the Mamas how to quilt a Faux Chenille denim bag which uses the same quilting technique similarly used by the Japanese but a bit more complex. Rachel says that the technique can be used in various ways and is not just limited to designing handbags. The Mamas excelled at implementing this new technique and were thrilled with the results they achieved on their first attempt.

Rachel du Toit demonstrating quilting technique to the Mamas

Professor Elain Vlok, Founder of Clover Mama Afrika says “I am really happy to see the Mamas embracing the new quilting skills with such a positive attitude”.

One is never too old to stop learning as there is always room for improvement in whatever we do. We are confident that the Mamas will use and transfer their newly acquired skill with their communities to increase their income channels.