Social Investment Give the gift of clean water this festive season

Give the gift of clean water this festive season

Are you able to turn a tap and have good, clean, drinkable water streaming from it in a millisecond? Well, not everyone can say the same.


Wishing Well


Water is one of those things we as humans can’t live without. However, clean water is a critical issue in South Africa and further afield, where water is scarce and contamination can lead to fatal diseases – particularly for the youngest and eldest of communities.

The Wishing Well International Foundation South Africa (WWIF SA) is a non-profit organisation on a mission to change this. They want to make sure that every child in South Africa has access to clean drinking water with a focus on rural communities where this issue is more prevalent. WWIF SA also shines a light on hygiene and sanitation education to enhance the quality of life and reduce disease and mortality in the areas they work.

So, you’re probably asking yourself how you can help, right? Well, you can start by donating as little as R150.

R150 will provide one person with access to clean drinking water for at least ten years. Yes, you’ve read that right, ten years! Now consider how enormously expensive the giving season can get, and how much you may spend on one person. Before spending hundreds of Rands on luxurious gifts, stop for a second to ponder donating on behalf of your friends and family and thereby provide a basic necessity for someone else.

Now, how far is R150 going to get you in the grocery store? Or when Christmas shopping? Have you looked into charities but found that what they’re asking for isn’t going to achieve much? Instead, donate R150 to save someone’s life with WWIF SA. That fuzzy feeling you get when you’re giving means a lot more when it’s for a good cause. This holiday give the gift of giving!

Tony Marchesini, managing director of H2O International, “The festive season is usually a big deal in my family, and many others. Typically, we all end up spending a lot, but if we all pooled together for a good cause, we can make a big difference!.”

WWIF SA partnered with H2O International SA, a leader in water purification, to provide clean, safe drinking water to developing areas. They install water purifiers that are manufactured by Hydraid in the USA. Each water purifier costs a mere R1,500.00 and can be used by at least ten people for up to ten years. A donation of R150 can give one person clean and safe drinking water for ten years.

If you really want to make a difference and be someone’s hero this festive season, donate today!

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