Social Investment SA Climbers climb for 300 000 students

SA Climbers climb for 300 000 students

Four world-class climbers – two of whom conquered Everest – have spent 1600 hours of preparation in 2017 for the goal of summiting nine South African peaks in a record time in pursuit of generating public support of R100000 to equip 350 learners with unique software-development and IT-skills. All of this form part of project  #CodeClimber, as Tian Liebenberg, head of the Volunteer24-led project, and three fellow-climbers are embarking on one of the most ambitious South African mountain-summiting adventures ever attempted on South African soil.
GOOD NEWS: World-class climbers aim to touch 300 000 learners…if they conquer whirlwind SA summit-record, reports SA Good News.

If they break the SA record and the SA public generously support #CodeClimber on the crowd funding platform Backabuddy, Liebenberg and Co would purchase code-programs from the organization Code$Change to equip 125 learners with the IT-development, soft-ware programs and technological advancement.

The long-term goal is to impart skills to 300 000 learners in 500 schools by 2020.

The four climbers will attempt to reach the peak of nine South African summits in a whirlwind cord-breaking time. The expedition leader Tian Liebenberg is at the helm of this Volunteers24-project.

The first stop for the partners in the #CodeClimber-project (the members include Code4ChangeBackabuddy and the expedition leader of the SA record attempt, Tian Liebenberg, and his Volunteers24-colleagues at the Zitikeni Secondary School in Tembisa was on Tuesday 20th June from 14h00 to 1430.

The coding program will equip learners with the different soft-ware programming platforms and a unique coding-language to acquire advanced IT-skills.

The record-breaking adventure to ascend the nine highest summits in South Africa in aid of education promises to be a pulsating, action-packed adventure. Improving on the current team record for completing the nine summits in South Africa means you have to smash the daunting current record or four days, 18 hours and 38 minutes.

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