Arts & Lifestyle Couple to receive a house after 50 years in a shack

Couple to receive a house after 50 years in a shack

Plan for 180 houses to be built in Pella, near Atlantis, within 12 months.
GOOD NEWS: Georgina Boois and her husband, Oupa Hermanus, have been living in a shack for over 50 years. Now, they are set to move into a new home in Pella, reports Ground Up.

Georgina Boois is 75 years old and a grandmother of 15 children. She has lived over 50 years of her life in a two-bedroomed shack. She lives with her husband Opua Hermanus, aged 70. Soon, she hopes, she will have a proper house of her own, now that a R20-million People’s Housing Process (PHP) has been approved to build 180 houses in Pella, a town just north of Atlantis.

The PHP is the first of its kind in this rural town. A contractor has been appointed and has already established a working site.

Proportional Representation Councillor Fiona Abrahams (ANC) said she initiated the project in 2011 and submitted an application to the City for funding. Soon after, the Community Rural Development Program (CRDP) in Pella took over, deciding not to wait for the outcome of the application, but to speed things up by going ahead and submitting plans for approval.

Abrahams said that the houses are going to be built on the property of the beneficiaries. “They already have title deeds. Their plots are between other houses. So it’s not going to be RDP houses.”

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