Uncategorized Honouring Madiba’s Legacy

Honouring Madiba’s Legacy

Young South Africans honouring Madiba’s legacy through the South Africa-Washington International Program.
GOOD NEWS: The South Africa-Washington International Program (SAWIP) is an exchange programme offering talented young South Africans, some from less privileged backgrounds, the opportunity to study in the US: SA Good News.

When we are urged to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s birthday through service – provides the perfect opportunity to recognize and applaud young people who are not distracted by the current circumstances but are focused on realizing a future which would have made Madiba deeply happy.

Recognizing that it is odious to foreground some stars and not others (especially when there is a firmament of them), the aim of this short article is to inspire and build confidence in our country’s future by drawing attention to a few young innovators and entrepreneurs who are focusing on building our country and not being defeated by the dispiriting environment.

Peter, a recent finance graduate, has, with colleagues, focused on supporting small-scale farmers to keep arable land utilized with the aim of improving food security. They achieve this through a weather prediction App, using satellite technology to track adverse weather patterns and allow time for pre-emptive responses. This is supported by a crop insurance product to protect these farmers against extreme weather conditions.

Imaad, Banele and Nathi are addressing basic education deficits and challenges in their own unique ways. Imaad’s Youth Academy for Leadership Excellence initially prepared low income learners to rewrite matric but has now developed into a full-time academy providing leadership and entrepreneurial development alongside the National Senior Certificate for learners; teacher development in maths, science, study skills and leadership; as well as enrichment opportunities for surrounding community members. Banele established LukArts which innovatively uses the arts in an inclusive learning environment to teach Maths and English while addressing behaviour management and life skills development. Nathi has recently completed a grueling sponsored cycle ride to raise funds for quality education in the Eastern Cape as part of the Queenstown Education Foundation

For the full article: SA Good News.