(Simon’s Town) – Blessing Lunga and his brothers run a cottage industry from their shack.
GOOD NEWS: Brighton Lunga making shoes in Redhill: Ground Up.

Blessing Lunga makes shoes in his two-roomed shack. He learned how to make them from a man he stayed with in Johannesburg.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Blessing has been in South Africa for ten years. The eldest of three, his younger brothers – Bruce (26) and Brighton (25) – followed him to South Africa after a few years, and he has taught them to make shoes. Together, the brothers sell their wares in Masiphumelele, Capricorn and Samora – R100 a pair for children and R200 for adults. They make shoes for men and women.

We followed Blessing on one of the days he went to sell in Masiphumelele. He carried the shoes on his shoulders, going door to door, introducing himself. Many people looked and some ordered; only a few people showed no interest. Blessing said he felt safest in this area.

The brothers live in Redhill, a small community on the mountain slopes overlooking Simon’s Town.

“It was not easy starting in a new place, but we needed to make money, especially since two of my brothers were married and starting their families,” said Blessing.

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