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‘I didn’t think someone from Elsies River could win The Voice’ – Craig Lucas

(Cape Town) – To many, Elsies River may be synonymous with gangsterism, drugs and poverty, but for Craig Lucas, this corner of the Cape Flats streets is home.
GOOD NEWS: Craig Lucas after he was announced as The Voice season two winner: SA Good News.

The Voice season 2 winner has been counting down the days until he can return to his hometown, situated about 20km outside of Cape Town.

“I am so honoured to be the one to show the world that there are so many incredible people who live here who just unfortunately don’t have the chance [to make a success of themselves],” he told News24 after a morning filled with numerous interviews and photoshoots following his big win on Sunday.

“I didn’t think it was possible for someone from Elsies to enter a competition like this and win it. I know so many other incredible singers who live here, but opportunities don’t show themselves. So much talent here goes to waste.”

Gang violence, substance abuse and violent crimes are common in the community he and his brother grew up in. But he is proud of where he’s from, Lucas insisted.

“I just hope that my win inspires some form of hope. I think [young people from Elsies River] tend to start to believe that we don’t deserve much because of what is happening around us, that this is just the life that we were meant to live.

“You see the gangsterism [and social ills] and you think there is no way out, or that you shouldn’t even bother.”

But it was his mother, Jennifer, who always pushed her two sons to put their education first and strive for something better for themselves.

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