Business & Industry Property awards calls for entries

Property awards calls for entries

The SAPOA Property Development Awards for Innovative Excellence is the most prestigious programme of its kind within the South African commercial real estate industry. One of SAPOA’s primary objectives is to define excellence in the property industry. As part of these objectives, the awards provide public recognition for top quality design and functionality, and a benchmark for excellence in property.



The awards will showcase the outstanding contribution from world-class owners, developers and built environment professionals, who create “more smarter” and beautiful buildings every year, that significantly enhance the industry.

Although a functional aesthetic appeal is a pivotal requirement for entrants, the holistic approach of the awards evaluates various designs, innovation and efficiency elements, such as social transformation, overall impact, environmentally sustainable design, design industry and community perception and interiors that ensure the local commercial real estate sector is on par with international standards. We are pleased, that in 2018 we have introduced a new category called Rural & Small-Town Development.

The SAPOA awards for excellence must be seen to be a recognition of those innovative solutions and/or property development projects that embody excellence in all disciplines involved in their creation. The awards are an affirmation by SAPOA of the ideal of providing society with the optimal solution to its property needs, hence recognizing the solutions or projects that best embody overall excellence.

Your entries for these awards, will not only give your projects enormous brand exposure and visibility, but further endorse your support towards SAPOA, the voice of commercial property.


For more details visit the SAPOA website.