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Coca- Cola Beverages South Africa gives back to the Galeshewe community

Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa’s (CCBSA) goal as a company is to contribute meaningful support that will uplift their chosen beneficiaries so they can continue making a positive impact within communities. They have invested over R115 000 towards uplifting the Readira Community Nutrition and Development centre and through their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) day, employees from Kimberley and Vryburg spent the day refurbishing the centre.


CCBSA team and Depatment of Social Development at the Readira Community Nutrition and Development Centre. Source: MyPR


The Readira Community Nutrition and Development centre which was established in 2003, provides nutritious meals to the Galeshewe community after noting the challenges of substance abuse, unemployment, HIV/AIDS and poverty in the area.

They provide meals to over 216 beneficiaries daily and look after TB and HIV/ AIDS patients referred by their local clinic. They also provide assistance for pauper funerals and guide community members on how to apply for identity documents.

The team painted the inside walls, colourful murals and assembled wooden benches and tables. Their vegetable garden was also boosted with seedlings, beds and protective shade so they can grow more vegetables to use for their meals.

Work is underway to extend the building with another room that will be used to serve the community. In addition,  Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa are donating kitchen appliances such as a fridge, microwave and pots to make meal preparations easier at the centre.

They also partnered with our colleagues from the Department of Social Development, who also volunteered thirty of their employees to assist in the day’s activities. CCBSA Central District Manager, Steven Turner noted that giving back and supporting our communities is especially important as they buy and support our products.

Source: MyPR


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