Social Investment Clover Mama’s gather for the last quilting course of 2018

Clover Mama’s gather for the last quilting course of 2018

Clover’s CSI Initiative, Clover Mama Afrika, gathered Mamas from across the country for the final quilting course of 2018 with teacher Rachel du Toit to master a new technique called the equilateral triangle.


Mamas hard at work attempting the equilateral triangle technique


Rachel who has hosted numerous quilting courses throughout the year confirms that the group was ready for a more advanced quilting challenge such as the equilateral triangle which will test their abilities to use fabrics in their designs.

As their final challenge for the year, the Mamas were required to design a wall hanging quilt which involved applique work. The ever so eager Mamas looked nervous upon seeing the equilateral triangle sample but were confident that they would succeed by following the patterns that teacher Rachel had shown them. Designing the hanging wall quilt required the Mamas to build a picture using “wash away” stabilisers to make an image of a 3D sunflower.

This course did not only teach the Mamas a new technique but how to use their fabric sparingly as the fabric was needed to create depth in the sunflower image by using dark and light fabric tones.

Professor Elain Vlok, Founder of Clover Mama Afrika says, “This new technique was not as simple as it looked, I am so proud of the Mamas for their efforts at attempting this advanced quilting technique.“

Once all the mamas had completed their designs, they were judged and Mama Regina of Winterveld took home the best quilter title for her neat and creative work. Mama Regina says that “I am so proud of myself for winning the best quilter prize. I love sewing and quilting and I am so grateful to have learnt a new technique.”

Rachel du Toit, quilting teacher says that “It has been a pleasure to impart my skill of quilting with the Clover Mamas throughout the year and I am confident that they will make remarkable designs with all the skills that they have learnt this year.”