Social Investment Make ‘Creating Change’ Your 2019 New Year’s Resolution

Make ‘Creating Change’ Your 2019 New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s resolutions are a commitment to change with the end goal to do more and to do better; not only for yourself but for others too. So, here we are just a few weeks away from 2019… have you thought about your New Year’s resolution yet?


Woman collecting water.


Year after year, it seems, we tend to set the same New Year’s resolutions and ultimately end up failing, right? Things, like getting in shape, eating healthy, saving more money, and quitting smoking, are some of the more obvious ones that make it onto our lists.

How often have you set a goal to volunteer a few hours of your time each month to a good cause, or to donate a sizeable but affordable amount to your charity of choice so that they can continue with all the good they’re doing in the world? So, come 31 December 2018, why not take a different approach to setting a New Year’s resolution and make 2019 the year to focus on creating positive change in the lives of others and thereby enrich yourself?

According to the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are about 2.1 billion people in the world that lack access to safely managed drinking water services, largely affecting the youngest and eldest of rural communities in South Africa and the African continent in general.

The Wishing Well International Foundation (WWIF) is a non-profit organisation looking to change this. Their mission is to make sure that every single person on the planet, young and old alike, has access to clean drinking water; and in Southern Africa, the Wishing Well International Foundation South Africa (WWIF SA) focuses on rural communities where this issue is more prevalent.

“The essence of a New Year’s resolution is to create change and you can do so by contributing as little as R150 to the Wishing Well International Foundation SA. For only R150 you can help us provide clean drinking water to someone for up to ten years and you can be sure that your New Year’s resolution won’t fall flat two months into the new year,” says Tony Marchesini, managing director of H2O International SA – custodian of the WWIF SA.

WWIF SA has strategically partnered with H2O International SA. The water purifiers that H2O International SA installs cost R1,500 each and can be used by at least ten people for up to ten years. However, while a donation of R1,500 can help ten people for ten years and R150 can provide for one person for ten years, every little bit helps!

Water is life and access to safe, clean water is essential. It’s one of our most basic human rights. Let’s do better together and make a real difference where it counts.

You can donate to the Wishing Well International Foundation South Africa via ( or