Sport & Health From teasing to triumph – how three youngsters have modern medicine to...

From teasing to triumph – how three youngsters have modern medicine to thank

Three young boys living in a rural community along the Eastern Cape coastline had, until recently, one thing in common: they were mercilessness teased by strangers and even friends and family for their squints. 

Anethemba Sali before eye surgery

Anethemba Sali, Petrus Williams and Roshaad Kettledas were spotted during one of the Kouga Wind Farm’s community engagements in the area and the need to help the young boys were immediately identified.

Anethemba Sali after eye surgery.

“The boys, aged between eight and 11, would be randomly teased and a mockery of their condition made by strangers, friends and sometimes by even family members,” KWF’s community liaison officer Trevor Arosi says.

“The desperate need for corrective surgery was apparent. We really wanted to bring dignity and self-worth to the lads, thus contributing to a better future outlook for them.”

Roshaad Kettledas before eye surgery.

The trio underwent corrective eye surgery for their squints at the Eye and Laser Institute in Port Elizabeth recently.

“Working with local NGO Living Water, our dream was soon realised and after the operations, at a discounted cost of R150 000 which included pre-and-post op consultations, the boys’ lives were completely turned around.”

Roshaad Kettledas after eye surgery.

Arosi says the trio are adjusting pretty well after their successful eye surgery to their new found “fame”. “A bonus is that, since the operation, they have not complained about headaches as they did in the past.”