Social Investment A-team collaboration spearheads cause to help and inspire breast cancer survivors

A-team collaboration spearheads cause to help and inspire breast cancer survivors

breast cancer survivors
In a boost for SA’s breast cancer survivors, the former head of the Tygerberg Breast Clinic, Dr Justus Apffelstaedt, has teamed up with breast cancer support groups, Reach for Recovery, to help and inspire breast cancer survivors.


breast cancer survivors
Image of Dr Justus Apffelstaedt

The project in question is the Ditto Project, which since its 2011 launch has provided over 5,867 breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomies, and who were unable to afford prostheses, with silicone breast prostheses costing more than R3,7 million in total. These prostheses are carefully measured and fitted to each recipient to look as natural as the normal breast.

“Reach for Recovery and I share the same belief: that all women facing breast cancer must be treated with dignity, and have the same access to care, regardless of whether they can afford it. I am honoured to offer my support to this initiative for a second year as I have witnessed the power of these prostheses in recovery,” says Dr Apffelstaedt.

breast cancer survivors
The Ditto Project_ Visual and Timeline

“Mastectomies are emotionally traumatic surgeries that often take place during a scary time in a woman’s life. For a variety of reasons, including financial, some women are left with a painful reminder of their ordeals”, says Stephanie van Deventer, national manager of Reach for Recovery. “In South Africa, there have been many instances where women feel stigmatized and obvious physical changes can affect one’s confidence. We have seen firsthand how these external breast prostheses can have an immediate positive effect on self-confidence.”


“Reach for Recovery wants to help women to feel confident again after a traumatic diagnosis and surgery. We believe that a breast prosthesis can be an important step in her recovery, especially to those women from communities where there is still a stigma attached to a cancer diagnosis”, says Dr Apffelstaedt.

breast cancer survivors
Recipients holding prosthesis – wrapped up for safe keeping.

“We are very happy to have Dr Apffelstaedt endorsing the Ditto Project. This new collaboration, based on similar beliefs, will strongly contribute to enhancing our project through the voice of an expert on breast health management,” says Stephné Jacobs, Chairperson of the Reach for Recovery Board of Management.

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