Environment Heroic dog shot while protecting Cape Town family

Heroic dog shot while protecting Cape Town family

A dog from Cape Town made waves after he risked his life to save his owner.

An ordinary dog has become a hero after being shot while taking on an armed hijacker at his owner’s home in Cape Town.

The dog, known as Guluva, took a bullet for his family when he jumped onto the scene while his owner was attacked by an armed hijacker, IOL Lifestyle reports.

Derrick Mfengwana, 37, says Guluva saved the life of his sister’s boyfriend recently.

He says it was just after 6pm when the man arrived home from work and was about to pull into the driveway when suspects pounced.

Guluva is currently recovering at the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa in Philippi after being shot in the face.

Derrick lives on the property with his partner, his sister and her boyfriend.

Derrick says a brave Guluva sensed the danger and immediately started barking and then tried to bite the gunman on the arm.

“My sister’s boyfriend was opening the gate when he was approached by three men and they wanted to take his car and probably his life also.”

“The dog went for the man and was trying to bite him on his hand and that is when the man shot the dog in the face.”

During the commotion, the crooks ran away while the sister’s boyfriend ran to safety on the property.

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