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New Eastern Cape Young Farmer of the Year named at Agri EC Congress

The Eastern Cape Young Farmer of the year title has gone to Matthew Morgan, a sheep farmer from Tarkastad.

Morgan competed with Jaco Kotze, a Boer Goat and Lucerne farmer from the Elands River Valley for the provincial title reported Rnews. Later this year he’ll be representing the Eastern Cape at the National awards

Farming mainly with wool sheep and a smaller herd of Hereford beef cattle, Morgan described his win as “a great honour” and said it as “an absolute privilege” to farm in his district.

“I’m feeling very positive about where the farm is at. I run a quality sheep flock and our clean air and good ground cover enable us to produce a beautiful, clean white wool.”

Morgan said he was fortunate to be farming on land that yielded high production with great potential for further developments – if resources were managed with maximum efficiency.

“I am always trying to add value to my farm, and make it a better place for all who live there – my family, my staff, and my livestock.

“We as young farmers need to raise the bar, and be in a position to hand it over to the next generation in a better condition than what we received it in,” he said.

Morgan, who is also chairman of his local Winterberg Agricultural Association, inherited his farm, Redcliffe, from his father 10 years ago. Since then, he has grown production by developing the lands under irrigation, increased its carrying capacity through effective veld management, and lowered mortality rates through strict vermin control.



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