Arts & Lifestyle Love blossoms into fruit sorbet

Love blossoms into fruit sorbet

A passion for upcycling and each other turned into a thriving sorbet business for this couple.

Thula and Thato, the owners of Sobae Frozen.

Thula Ndema and Thato Masondo told Good News Daily about their organic business. They save discarded fruit from street vendors and use it to produce their sorbet.

Whilst en-route to their jobs on bicycles the couple passed discarded fruit and vegetables and began to rethink solutions to this waste, TimesLive reported.

Their product, called Sobae, is unique because it is made with vegetables and herbs and using very ripe fruit which lessens food wastage.

The journey

It hasn’t been easy for the duo. They started selling the sorbet outside the market in Maboneng because they couldn’t afford the fee but they would be chased away from the entrance to the market. They had to move in with Ndema’s grandmother to save on costs – earning just R3500.

Thula Ndema and Thato Masondo, happy and in love. Image taken by Alaister Russell- The Sunday Times

They made a lot of sacrifices and researched their business before quitting their jobs and setting up shop.

The move from retail assistants to entrepreneurs required lifestyle changes. That change impacted them positively as it made them consistent and disciplined.

Asked about advice for entrepreneurs Masondo said: “You just need to start your business. Don’t just talk about it because when you talk about it then someone else will do it.”

They now earn about R7,000 a month, putting half of it back into the business and living off the rest.

Picture: Alaister Russell/The Sunday Times

As for the name, according to IOL Lifestyle they were inspired by their relationship. “Love sells the product.”

5 Questions with the lovely couple who own Sobae

Image taken from @SobaeFrozen on Facebook

What is the process you go through to make Sobae?
It takes 3 days to process our sorbet. We hand craft our product and we do not use any industrial machines to make our sorbet.

Do you have your own shop now?
We have a pop up store at Victoria Yards. We are working with VY Commons- they assist us with a sharing space for makers, at Makers valley.

  • Victoria Yards

        16 Viljoen street, Lorentzville, 2094

We are open from Tuesday – Saturday
  • The Wilds municipal Nature Reserve Park


        9:00 -14:00

How did you meet each other?
We met at ZARA (2014) we both used to work there as sales assistance.

Where are your products available?
Our sorbets are available at our pop up store and you can place an order online/book us for private events. Contact us at:  @sobaefrozen (socialmedia) / 

Are they available nationwide?
Not yet.