Business & Industry Father and son team go from bottle recyclers to wine farmers

Father and son team go from bottle recyclers to wine farmers

An ambitious son convinced his father to go into wine production

For 30 years, Malcolm Green bought used wine bottles, cleaned them and resold them to wine producers.

Green’s company won numerous awards – one for job creation, for example – and he was happy with his achievements. But his son Ricardo had bigger dreams, he told IOL.

Ricardo wanted to enter the wine industry and was steadfast about his dream.

He eventually convinced his father to join him in the venture and in 2007 Green and his son Ricardo started their own wine business.

It wasn’t easy to go from recycler to wine producer but the pair now trade under the labels Lerato Wine and La RicMal Supreme.

The cost of entry into the wine industry was expensive, especially for start-up businesses but the move has been a positive change for Green.

“Wine is an agricultural sector, which is supported by the government, and the product has a greater demand and more retailers.”

The blended Lerato and single cultivar La RicMal Supreme wines are now available in Shoprite and Shoprite Liquor shops in South Africa and beyond.

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