Business & Industry This dedicated Atteridgeville aunt turned to baking to help put her niece...

This dedicated Atteridgeville aunt turned to baking to help put her niece through flight school.

A kind woman is selling biscuits so her niece can become a pilot

young black female pilot
Tshepang after succesfully completing her first solo flight

An Atteridgeville woman has gone out of her way to support her niece’s dreams of taking to the skies by baking biscuits and selling them to pay towards the flight school tuition.

Doris Temba has been baking biscuits to raise the money needed to put her niece through flight school.

She sees her niece, Tshepang Ralehoko, as her own daughter and when the money they had put together to pay for flight school started running out, she decided not to give up without a fight.

Tshepang Ralehoko in the cockpit

“She is so passionate. You should see her eyes when she talks about aviation, she just changes,”

– Doris Temba

Doris and her niece put their heads together and decided that selling biscuits could be the answer to the challenge. Both are good at baking.

“My mom and my aunt started teaching me to bake when I was four years old.”

– Tshepang Ralehoko

Doris has been baking and selling biscuits to help generate the funds needed for Tshepang’s flight lessons at Blue Chip Flight School at Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria.

A friend designed a pamphlet advertising the biscuits and Doris posted it to Facebook. Soon afterwards, orders began pouring in.

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