Arts & Lifestyle South Africa unleashes the world’s new boerboel champion

South Africa unleashes the world’s new boerboel champion

Sending more than 300 dogs home with their tails between their legs, Busby Adam from Mitchell’s Plain, in Cape Town, was named the world’s top boerboel for 2019.

The brawny boerboel stood out head and shoulders above his competitors at the annual International Boerboel Show and Expo held in Parys, Free State, in October.

According to The Daily Voice, the world’s best boerboel, Busby, at two-and-a-half year’s old and weighing in at 90kg, wolfs down up to 1,5kg of raw chicken, steak and mince a day.

Busby’s proud owner and boerboel breeder, Lloyd de Villiers, 38, explained that the competition is judged by the breed’s standard, which includes weight (not heavier than 100kg), muscle tone, the health of the coat, shape of the ears, the jawline, height, general appearance and discipline.

Busby was also crowned the 2019 International Senior Champion and 2019 International Grand Champion earlier in the year to qualify for the prestigious main event.

Although the massive canine gives most people the fright of their lives when they first see him, De Villiers said Busby is actually a big softy at heart.

“People are amazed when they see him. He loves children, attention and interaction,” de Villiers said.

You can learn more about the show here.

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