Environment Cape Town startup brings home the bacon with edible bowls

Cape Town startup brings home the bacon with edible bowls

Edible bowls; a solution to eliminating the use of single use plastics

Munch Bowls has given new meaning to “so hungry you could eat your plate” with their edible takeaway bowls which have grabbed the world’s attention.

Fin24 reports that the Cape Town-based company Munch Bowls have netted funding from the organisers of the 2020 World Expo which is set to be held in Dubai.

Georgina de Kock invented Munch Bowls in 2014. The crispy edible bowls are made of wholesome wheat and provide an eco-friendly alternative to toxic wasteful plastic and polystyrene takeaway food containers.  

According to Fin24, the company is among a selection of African companies to have benefited from Expo Live, an initiative of the upcoming Dubai Expo, which supports innovative enterprises making a difference.

“We had to design our own prototype machine as there is currently no machine on the market to produce such bowls.”

Georgina de Kock

According to their website, Munch Bowls’ vision is to be the brand leader in the green convenient food industry, contributing towards lessening our carbon footprint internationally by providing an eco-friendly option to the food catering industry.

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