Feel Good Little library to inspire big love of reading

Little library to inspire big love of reading

A free library for the children of Gamtoos Valley

Little Free Libraries boasts as being the world’s largest book-sharing movement. With about 90,000 tiny wooden boxes filled with books across the globe, the movement makes sharing of books easy take a book, leave a book. And now there’s one in the Eastern Cape!

The way it works is simple. Books are free and if you want to read one and return it, or replace it with another book.

According to Heraldlive, a new Little Free Library has opened at Die Handelsmark country restaurant, cafe and gift shop in the Gamtoos Valley, just outside Patensie.

Books are scarce in the area and residents must travel to buy books as bookshops simply do not exist there. That’s why education non-profit organisation Youth Potential South Africa and Die Handelsmark partnered to make the library possible.

Youth Potential South Afric, a registered Nonprofit Organisation and Public Benefit Organisation, is an education project for the socially disadvantaged and vulnerable rural youth in the Gamtoos Valley area.

This new Little Free Library makes the sharing of books easy and it is open during business hours for all community members to use and enjoy.

Youth Potential South Africa co-founder Alexis Salaman said: “This Little Free Library belongs to the whole Gamtoos Valley community.

“I am sure it will bring a little more joy, a little more connection and a whole lot more books to our community,” she told HeraldLIVE.

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