Arts & Lifestyle From humble beginnings to 4 qualifications by the age of 25

From humble beginnings to 4 qualifications by the age of 25

A high achieving woman who faced many challenges has gone from strength to strength and offers advice to young people

Nwabisa Takata (Image: Drum magazine)

Nwabisa Takata is a true example of taking charge of your destiny and being the architect of your future.

Hailing from the rural village of Lower Kroza Location in the Eastern Cape, where she grew up in a single-parent household of six, this inspiring 27-year-old holds four qualifications and is now doing her PhD.

Nwabisa shared with W24 how she built her own future through her studies.

By 25, she had already achieved a Bachelor of Science double majoring in chemistry and geology, honours degrees in geology and chemistry, as well as a Master’s degree in chemistry.

“The schools I attended were very disadvantaged in the sense that we didn’t have the necessary equipment for lessons. I now understand that it was because of geographical location as we were in a rural setting,” she told W24.

Despite the obstacles, Nwabisa worked and studied hard to earn good marks, which continuously opened a pathway to further studies.

“I have been studying consecutively since I finished high school and that has been made possible by various sponsorships.”

Nwabisa Takata

“What I’d advise young people is to focus on getting good marks. Rather deprive yourself of instant gratifications for that one or two years to secure a better future for yourself. It becomes a cycle from there on, because once you have that bursary, you want to work your hardest not to lose it.”

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