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Local organisation partners with Uber to give unemployed youth transport to interviews

South African organisation Trusted Interns is providing the youth with access to the job market by giving first-time job-seekers the opportunity to apply for free Uber vouchers so they can get to interviews.

Trusted Interns’s mission is “to make more career opportunities more accessible to more first-time job seekers more often”. Facing the reality that many young South Africans just don’t have the transport money needed to get to and from interviews, they have partnered with Uber to help.  

“We were arranging interviews with employers but our graduates were not showing up. We knew our community was committed and so something had to be wrong. We decided to pick up the phone and find out what.” 

Jaryd Raizon, Trusted Interns founder

According to Raizon, the problem extends beyond job creation. Unemployed youth in South Africa are often disqualified from entering the workforce because they don’t have the tools needed to access job opportunities.

To begin combating this problem the Cape Town based start-up, which connects first-time job-seekers to employers, partnered with Uber.

Uber has donated R10 000 in free rides to get youth to and from interviews, and will match a further R10 000 of public donations.

“The youth have a vital role to play in our society and it is important to make them aware there are infinite possibilities available to them,” Uber Sub-Saharan Africa GM Alon Lits explains. “However, this is only possible if businesses come together to provide them with the necessary tools to reach their potential.

“We believe reducing this particular barrier to job opportunities is a small but simple step in the right direction.

“This partnership will not only have a positive impact on the youth, but also on those employers looking for talent, who now have access to undiscovered candidates who previously may not have even got into the interview process.

“We strongly believe in this initiative and we’re honoured to partner with Trusted Interns to make a change in the lives of our youth,”  Lits says.

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