Arts & Lifestyle Cute Cape Town video a hit at International Tourism Film Festival Africa

Cute Cape Town video a hit at International Tourism Film Festival Africa

A song made to draw more tourists to Cape Town has bagged two awards at an international film festival

A fun song titled ‘Cape Town Winter Song’ has gladdened South African hearts and claimed two awards at the International Tourism Film Festival Africa.

The humorous song, employing Cape Town clichés and warm-hearted teasing of its citizens, features SA celebrity Suzelle, who is known for her “braai pie” and Showmax series “Tali’s Wedding”.

With original music by Jon Savage, cameos by local celebrities and the beautiful Mother City as backdrop, the video was made in 2019 to promote Cape Town as an ideal winter destination.

“The ad did a great job of connecting with our fellow South Africans in a quirky and unexpected way, highlighting so many reasons why Cape Town is a great place for your winter break,”  Cape Town Tourism’s marketing executive Leigh Dawber said.

Growing the local film industry, stimulating positive domestic and international tourism, and punting South Africa and Africa as tourist destinations are what the International Tourism Film Festival Africa hopes to achieve.

HaveYouHeard Media was tasked by Dawber with developing a concept that would help increase the number of South African tourists to the city during winter. In addition they were asked to help grow the local film industry. The video was the brainchild of HaveYouHeard’s Dan Berkowitz and Gavin Whitfield, and directed by Ari Kruger from Sketchbook Studios.

The agency’s approach includes using trends identified by its research department to guide the creative team in creating content best suited to influence the consumer, HaveYouHeard’s Head of Strategy Ryan McFayden said.

Here’s another funny song South Africans will appreciate:

Tapping into the cultural clichés that define Capetonians, Joburgers and Durbanites struck gold in this case.

“For Cape Town, it’s a standing joke that the only thing colder than the weather in winter is the people, earning us our iconic definer – cliquey! We’ve focused on tackling these misconceptions head on, in a self-effacing manner that is authentic and honest.” said Mcfayden.

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