Feel Good Cape Town surgeon offers free surgery to breast cancer patients

Cape Town surgeon offers free surgery to breast cancer patients

A combination of being a dreamer and doer, and having a passion for medicine and a caring heart, are some of the ingredients which pushed a Cape Town specialist surgeon to launch an NPO offering free surgery to breast cancer patients.  

Breast surgeon Dr Liana Roodt’s Project Flamingo, a non-profit company, provides surgeries to breast cancer patients with an aim to reduce the surgical waiting time in public health care.

According to the Project Flamingo website, when faced with the heartbreaking, stretched-out and often chaotic journey breast cancer patients experience in the public health sector, Roodt decided something needed to be done.

“Not only were these women subjected to agoniSingly long waiting times for surgery, they were also mostly left isolated in their struggle with a daunting diagnosis.”

Surgeon Dr Liana Roodt

In addition to timely surgery, the NPO offers patients the psychological support needed to go through this challenging period.

“When you know that something is wrong and that you can’t get the help you need, it HAS a massive impact not just on the physical level but also psychologically. it is terrifying walking around with something that you know needs to be sorted out and you can’t access care,”

Dr Roodt TOLD W24.

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