Business & Industry South Africa’s ‘lay-by heroes’ – the good news you needed today

South Africa’s ‘lay-by heroes’ – the good news you needed today

A single good deed by an unknown man in December has started a chain reaction of good-deed payments.

After making the first donation this donor sparked a movement with many others now also joining in by settling lay-by accounts not yet fully paid up.

According to Business Insider, the man donated R337,000 to settle 363 lay-by accounts at a Pep branch in Mossel Bay and sent each of the people a note reading:

“I am grateful that I’m [in a] position [to] settle your PEP Store lay-by. I know it’s up to people to help people. It’s just the decent thing for all of us to do, disregarding any religious beliefs. I also had lay-byEs at PEP a long time ago.”

Anonymous benefactor

A Pep Stores spokesperson told Business Insider SA that the chain had been “overwhelmed” by the generosity of South Africans.

They’ve helped customers pay-off their lay-byes over the Christmas and back-to-school period – the average amount of a lay-by at Pep is R500.

“Pep employees who took part in the transactions and contacted the customers loved the feel-good moments of conveying the good news.”

Pep Stores spokesperson

As a token of thanks for “the amazing lay-by heroes of South Africa”, Pep also spent R500,000 to settle lay-byes at 2,500 Pep stores nationwide.

Ncoo man may God bless the good person with more of what she/ he have.

Posted by Buyiswa Mimi Nunu on Sunday, 22 December 2019

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