Feel Good Kind South Africans help pupil return to school

Kind South Africans help pupil return to school

Qhawe and his mom with some of his school certificates

A matric pupil from Durban has had his wish of returning to school granted thanks to the kindness of others.

Qhawe Ntshingila was unable to return to school this year due to a lack of funding. Qhawe’s mom, Zabantu, has been working hard as a nurse to provide for her family, but as a single parent and only breadwinner the burden of school fees began to add up. 

After the fees reached an outstanding sum of R99,764, the school insisted that a lump sum of R40,000 had be paid before Qhawe could return to school.

“My mind was filled with hopelessness. All I could think of was the amount of work I was missing, and how much I would need to catch up on – that’s if I ever returned.”

Matric pupil Qhawe Ntshingila

Natasha Froude, a former neighbour of Qhawe’s, heard about the family’s dilemma and wanted to help. 

A Backabuddy page was started and in just over a week more than R40,000 was raised for Qhawe to return to school.

“We weren’t certain if it would work out for us or not, but by God’s grace donations came flooding in,” he says.

“I didn’t know people could be so generous, especially to someone they’ve never met in their life.”

Qhawe Ntshingila

Here’s Qhawe’s thank-you message for all the donors who helped him return to school:

Qhawe was able to go back to school in February and hopes to study accounting or a business-related field once he matriculates.

“I’m hoping that Qhawe will pursue his career according to his wishes,” mom Zabantu says.