Feel Good New hope for high school dropouts

New hope for high school dropouts

Adults who would like to improve their matric results, are now able to at this school in Manenberg

High school dropouts in Cape Town are being given new hope and the opportunity of a better future thanks to a hard-working single mother of two who decided to change her future and the future of those around her.

For as little as R1 a lesson the new Hopeful Leaders Night School in Manenberg, Cape Town, is giving high school dropouts a second chance at getting a matric. 

The school was founded by Yumna Alexander, 33, who knows the difficulties of life without that “priceless” matric certificate.

Alexander dropped out of school in 2002, when she fell pregnant with her son. Limited in her job prospects due to not having matric, she decided to “make things happen”, News24 reports.

Alexander worked hard to obtain her matric while juggling motherhood and working. But her quest for education did not stop there as she is now nearing the completion of her bachelor’s degree in education.

“It was the toughest time of my life, but the reward was worth it.”

Yumna Alexander

Through the Hopeful Leaders Night School she wants to help others get out of their “cul-de-sac”. 

Classes take place at the local Leadership College, which allows the school to use its facilities for free. A mug is placed at the front of the classroom where participants can give a donation towards the teachers who volunteer their time.

“That certificate I worked so hard for was a passport out of the cul-de-sac I found myself in.”

Yumnah Alexander

Yumnah addresses pupils at the school’s assembly:

The school is now helping scores of school dropouts of all ages to obtain a matric certificate and help carve a better future for themselves.