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SA’s rugby ace Siya Kolisi supports heart-warming care campaign

Rugby World Cup hero Siya Kolisi has thrown his support behind the South African leg of the newly launched #TouchofCare campaign. 

The campaign shares stories of children around the globe who have experienced difficult circumstances, but whose lives have been changed through a simple touch of care.

The message is that, while not every child is born into a nurturing and unconditionally loving family, every child deserves a touch of care to reach their full potential. 

It is only through care that children have a chance to rise above their circumstances.

The campaign was launched by Vicks, a brand many associate with the power of care, which connected with Kolisi through Roc Nation Sports.

Kolisi’s instagram post-supporting the campaign:

The Kolisi story of care

The value of care is something Kolisi (28) understands deeply. Though famous for his contribution on the rugby field, our rugby hero is also a father of four. 

In 2014, he and his wife, Rachel, opened their home to Kolisi’s two half-siblings after their mother died. The children had landed up in the foster care system when their dad also died shortly after, but the Kolisis, already with two children of their own, stepped in to open their hearts and home.

“A simple touch of care, no matter how big or how small, has the power to change lives.”

Siya Kolisi (SA’s #TouchofCare ambassador) 

“My story is one, but there are so many examples out there. Lizo Tom is another.” says Kolisi.

Healing through caring for others

The online short film chosen for the South African #TouchofCare campaign tells the poignant story of an orphaned boy named Lizo Tom. 

Love, support, encouragement and care transformed Tom’s life.

This film shares how a personal tragedy set Tom on a course to care for 47 children at the Luvuyo creche in Mamelodi, Pretoria – journey that began with his former house mother, Mama Abisana.

Tom was abandoned at birth but, with the help of Mama Abisana whom he met at a children’s home, was able to embrace life and love. 

Mama Abisana proved that something as simple as care and love could help Tom find a sense of belonging, enabling him to eventually grow into a pillar of the community.

As an adult, Tom faced his worst fear and greatest challenge- the loss of his six-year-old son. 

Lizo Tom at the Luvuyo Centre which he founded (Image: Newsbreak)

When he was at his lowest, Mama Abisana reminded him: “We are not put on this earth for ourselves but for others. I am because we are.”

This powerful message helped Tom realise that if he could not be a father to one, he would be a father figure to many. 

And so he founded the Luvuyo Centre for Early Childhood Development and Care in honour of Mama Abisana and his late son Luvuyo, offering a place of safety and care for children in his community while their parents are at work.

Lizo Tom (Image: Adobo magazine)

“By doing this, I can share the care that Mama Abisana gave me as a child with the children of my community, and make sure everyone has a place where they can develop into caring, community-driven adults.”

Lizo Tom

Vicks SA brand manager Prenessa Pillay says care fosters a sense of belonging and purpose. 

“The story intends to provoke conversation around the impact of care on those who need it most.”

Prenessa Pillay

Pillay encourages South Africans to watch and share Tom’s story, and remember that a little care really can go a long way.

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