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The Lockdown Collection raises much-needed funds through art

Art and artists have always played an important role in society and culture. They make the world better, they entertain us, humour us, make us think and lift our spirits, especially during a time of crisis.

That’s why a group of South Africans created The Lockdown Collection – a series of 21 art pieces, revealed day by day.

The creative idea will see artworks uploaded online and put up for sale to raise funds for vulnerable South Africans and for artists during this national crisis.

During the lockdown period, an art piece that reflects the thoughts, feelings, vision or captured moments of their Covid-19 experience, by a different artist each time, is revealed online.

artistS are the record keepers, beauty creators, truth revealers, thought provokers, empathetic visionaries, political disruptors and human inspirers. Like everyone, they are deeply affected by the calamity that is COVID19. Many have or will lose their livelihoods and have little means to survive

The artworks – each forming part of an original collection – are uploaded daily on social platforms and sold at their market-related value to help vulnerable people of South Africa, vulnerable individuals or organisations in the visual arts, and the artists themselves.

According to the group, 25% of funds will go to the SA Solidarity Fund, 60% will go to the Vulnerable Artists Fund and 15% will go to the participating artists.

“We are a kick-start team that is sure to expand and grow as time races, to include others in the eco-system, also interested in preserving culture and dignity and to be part of building up and sustaining communities in the face of imminent hardship,” the group says.

Towards the end of the lockdown period, the unique collection will be celebrated with an online event on the evening of the last day, it adds.

Details of this event are still to be released.

“As momentum builds, we believe that all artists, if motivated by the challenge, can begin to create their own lockdown works inspired by their colleagues and heroes. An open call for these is imminent. We believe these collections can also play a role in raising funds now and post-lockdown. Any ideas are welcome – we are a work in progress,” the group explains.

You can get involved online at https://www.thelockdowncollection.com/ by buying art or donating to the cause. You can also meet some of the artists what have already contributed by clicking here.

Here’s a little taste of what to expect:

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Artist: John Moore Title: Diceros Socius “Rhino Weaver” Black and white Linocut, Printed on white Hahnemuhle Paper Size: 130cm x 80cm “Just as the nesting social weavers (Philetarirus socius) in the artwork can be seen to be inhabiting the rhinoceros’ body, so it can be thought of that COVID-19 is inhabiting human sapiens and threatening their existence. Humans are now confined to their homes during “Lockdown” due to the effects of a mutated virus adapted to and using man as its host. We as humans, now need to take the time in Lockdown to contemplate our association with nature and the impact we have had on her.” – @johnmooreartist #TheLockdownCollection #ArtForGood

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