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Love in a time of lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic has got in the way of many a carefully laid plan… travels and holidays, birthday parties and anniversary dinners, even weddings.

The good news is that some couples have managed to find a silver lining to the dark cloud that is lockdown 2020. Though their more elaborate wedding plans fell through, they were still able to celebrate a different kind of wedding – the quarantine wedding.

On March 28, the day they would’ve celebrated their nuptials with their nearest and dearest, Gaston Roulstone planned a garden wedding for the “love of his life”, Rosaline Roulstone.

Picking flowers from the garden for her bouquet, assisted by a four-year-old flowergirl and with a German Shepherd in attendance, the perfect lockdown wedding was executed.

Cape Town Youtuber Dan Mace also did not rest until he could give his fiancee the wedding of her dreams. Dan even made cardboard figurines in place of the real-life guests who would have been in attendance had the country not been in lockdown.

His Youtube video titled “Our unusual wedding” tells the story of their one-of-a-kind ceremony from start to finish, as narrated by him and his new missus.  

The video begins with a cute exchange of Dan stating that “today was something else, hey”, to which his wife, Gabi Esterhuizen, responded: “Today, was THE best day of my life.”

The final result is beautiful:

On the other hand, one hapless couple made headlines when they decided to go ahead with their wedding despite the lockdown. They were not so lucky and ended up getting arrested during the wedding. The couple and 50 of their guests were locked up. A video of the husband tucking his wife’s wedding dress into the police van has gone viral.

A sweet serenade from a bride-to-be’s friend has garnered 600 views on Youtube. Aiming to lift the couple’s spirits, Philippa Hanna sang an upbeat song titled You can’t lock down love. Full lyrics are available in the song description on Youtube. The lyrics make a poignant reference to the Covid-19 pandemic in one verse:

“And today won’t be that perfect day that you were dreaming of;

“But you put the health of others first;

“That’s what I call true love;

“And thank God you can’t lock down love.”

Nico Pittius shared a throwback picture of his parents on their wedding day and asked Twitter users to give them a shoutout on their 50th anniversary, since they were celebrating the occasion during SA’s lockdown.

Finally, a Cape Town couple eloped and recreated an Italian-style wedding, celebrating the entire breathtaking experience “alone together”.


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