Business & Industry Doctors and businesses come together to help a city in its fight...

Doctors and businesses come together to help a city in its fight against Covid-19

An East London doctor came up with an innovative plan to save patients during the Covid-19 pandemic

A doctor in East London launched a plan to help patients suffering from covid-19

An East London doctor has teamed-up with his community to try and come up with solutions to the ventilator shortage in the region.

Craig Parker, a doctor in the anaesthetic department at Frere/CMH Hospitals, launched a Facebook page called the iCanHelp. Through the initiative, businesses have helped to design trial intubation boxes and regulators needed for the treatment of the coronavirus.

Local engineering and design companies have, together with doctors, designed the prototype regulator in just over two weeks.

Craig Parker wearing a protective shield, donated by Burmeisters in East London

The team is gearing up to not only share the design freely but to also try and create manufacturing capacity so that they can supply areas which need the solutions.

“#iCanHelp is a call to action! A lifeline; a helping hand of mercy and support. We ask that you contribute what you can in an effort of selflessness to help our community of Buffalo City [East London] in response to the Covid-19 pandemic,” explains Craig Parker.

Various financial donations have also been made in addition to face masks for frontline workers. 

“We are wanting to prepare so our doctors and nurses are best equipped to deal with the potential influx of patients.”

Craig Parker

“This means emotionally, physically as well as trying to keep ourselves from being infected so we can best serve our communities. Patients too will require assistance and support during this difficult time,” explains Parker.

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