Feel Good From petrol attendant to people’s advocate

From petrol attendant to people’s advocate

Mbavhalelo Mmbadi was admitted on Monday by the High Court Image: Supplied

This young South African who was once a petrol attendant and is now an attorney of the high court, shared his story of perseverance despite difficult circumstances and it may just be the good news you needed today.

Mbavhalelo Mmbadi, a newly admitted attorney of the high court, was among those who were recently electronically awarded this honour.

Currently finishing his LLM at the University of Venda, Mbavelo told SowetanLive his inspiring story of how he realized his passion for law while being a petrol attendant at a petrol station in Brits.

Having realized this passion through being appointed as a shop steward by his colleagues, Mmbadi admits that getting there was no easy feat; “I was already married, and I needed to support my family. I applied three times to the University of Venda, and they would accept me, and I wouldn’t be able to go because we were poor,” he said.

At the heart of this success is not even the fact that it was the first electronic admission that occurred, but rather the tenacity and spirit of this individual in pursuing his admission as a legal practitioner of which I am incredibly proud of

Director of the Wits School of Law Daven Daas

Despite this hurdle, the 35-year-old eventually decided to take the leap and joined his wife in the life of a student.

However, he was met with a tragedy when his father passed away in the same year, leaving him and his family in a more compromising position as Mmbadi and his father were the primary breadwinners of their family.

It became difficult to support the academic aspirations within their marriage and provide at the same time However, with his mother’s encouragement, who now had the responsibility of providing for the family through sewing clothes, he persevered and graduated with over 20 distinctions four years later.

He was accepted as a candidate attorney at the Wits Law Clinic where he worked alongside Director of the Wits School of Law Daven Daas who songs Mmbadi’s praises.

“I can speak of this as I sat in his interview for a position at the law clinic and his story reminds me of hope and why the Wits Law Clinic shall always endeavour to allow people to achieve their goals and transcend,” said Daas.”

Mbavelo continues to advocate for people with similar backgrounds, and although he celebrates this achievement under different circumstances, he is glad to have made his family proud.

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