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Garden Route to get some positive new sound waves

An idea dreamed up during the national lockdown will come to life on September 1 with the launch of eRadio South Africa on the scenic Garden Route.

Overwhelmed by all the bad news (“and bad music”) on mainstream media during the lockdown, Eon Engelbrecht decided to set up an online radio station that – much like the Monty Python song – would focus on the bright side of life.


“eRadio is all about positivity,” says Engelbrecht, 31, who, after nearly a decade on local radio, was itching to start something new. 

“2020 is the year of inevitable change and it took a pandemic to show us that. I know so many people who were forced into new jobs, new homes, new ways of doing things and embracing it. 

“I also specifically chose September 1 to launch as spring is the time for new beginnings.” 
eRadio is a licensed, privately owned digital radio station that will broadcast music-driven programmes and feature regular contributors from around South Africa and the globe. It will also introduce listeners to new artists every week. 

Engelbrecht says the content will offer “the best in music from the 1980s, 90s and today that will change the world one song at a time”. The station will also have interviews with interesting people. 

“eRadio will shy away from hard news unless it is absolutely crucial and in public interest. We don’t do politics,” Engelbrecht says. “And we’ll try to avoid words like ‘pandemic’, ‘load shedding’, ‘kopdoek’, ‘corona’ and ‘lockdown’.” 

The station will be available 24/7 at www.eradiosa.com [ADD LIVE LINK] and on various streaming platforms, including a custom-made App available for free on the Google Playstore. 

eRadio will integrate social media into its content, both on air, on the app and on its website. 

Sample playlist with uninterrupted music on air now until official launch at 12 noon on Tuesday 1 September

Content will also be available as podcasts on the website and app for those who had missed it. 

eRadio will be broadcasting from a private studio on the Garden Route and will operate as any other terrestrial or internet station – by deriving its income solely from advertising and sponsorship. 

“The support so far has been amazing. I welcome everyone to join me on this exciting new journey and to tune in from September 1 at 12pm for the official launch,” Engelbrecht says.


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