Environment This 10-year-old eco-warrior will inspire you to recycle!

This 10-year-old eco-warrior will inspire you to recycle!

Rocco Antonio da Silva is a 10-year-old who is inspiring youngsters and adults alike

Rocco Antonio Da Silva (@AfternoonChat on Twitter)

Earlier this year, young Rocco Antonio da Silva won the 2019 PETCO Waste Reduction Youth Warrior award.

He won the award because of his efforts to clean up the environment and protect our sea life.

Rocco is a youngster with a big vision and strong determination. The 10-year-old plans to reach his environmental cleanup goals by creating awareness about pollution and recycling and by helping the youth in his area get more involved.

The Somerset West resident has formed a club called The Future Kids, which aims to create awareness online and conduct monthly clean-ups at beaches in the Western Cape.

When asked why he wanted to start the Club, he said he was tired of seeing litter on beaches. Becoming part of the club requires kids and adults to commit to attending monthly clean-ups.

The youth warrior category of the PETCO awards recognizes the role of youth in driving positive recycling behaviour and contributing to the awareness and understanding among South African consumers of issues pertaining to waste reduction, reuse and recycling.

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