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Unemployed father holds onto wallet for a month while searching for owner

An unemployed father of two held onto a lost wallet for a month until he was able to find its owner and return it.

Despite the wallet containing bank and store cards, Mbuso Ndlovu, 33, held on to it as he searched for its owner. He took to social media to find Charlize Tomaselli, who lost the wallet whilst at the Bellevue Market in Kloof.

“I decided to look her up on Facebook and tell her that I had found the item. I messaged both her and her husband who I found on her profile, but never received a response,” Ndlovu, told News24.

After some time though, Tomaselli saw the messages and the wallet was returned. She said that when he gave her the wallet, not a single item was missing.

“Everything was still in it. At no point did he try to elicit money or favours or anything that could be construed as malintent. He said his girlfriend found it and she knew nothing about Facebook. He then tracked us down online and sent us the message.”

Charlize Tomaseli, the owner of the wallet

Tomaselli offered him money, but Ndlovu said he would rather have a job.

“I said I would put it out there on social media. In the event that a position becomes available for him through somewhere, we would contact him.”

Her post on his kind deed has since been shared more than 200 times.

Ndlovu said he never thought of stealing or using anything in the wallet.

“You know I am desperate because I am not working, but I said no because I do not do that. I was not brought up to steal and I thought maybe this person was robbed or worse. I am not that kind of person. It is not the way I was taught.”

He said honesty was an important trait for all to have.

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