Social Investment Here’s why the feel-good #Imstaying movement is capturing the hearts and minds...

Here’s why the feel-good #Imstaying movement is capturing the hearts and minds of South Africa

A Facebook group sharing the positive experiences of South African people has drawn a huge following

Created just last month to highlight the reasons why South Africa is worth living in, the #Imstaying Facebook group has captured the attention of the nation – here’s why…

Real estate entrepreneur Jarette Petzer, from Cape Town, started the page last month. It’s since exploded with hundreds of thousands of South Africans joining the social media group to share why they are proud to be living in South Africa.

Petzer said the page is fostering compassion and connections between South Africans from all background.

In less than two weeks, more than 30,000 Facebookers –  all from different races, cultures and backgrounds –  joined the group, reported Cape Talk.  As of October 7, there were over 560,000 members of the group.

“We’re open for everybody. This group is for the country; it’s for South Africa,” Petzer said on Twitter.

Many South Africans have shared inspiring and heartfelt stories like these:

And as the group continues to grow, the proudly South Africa stories keep coming. This photo warmed our hearts and is just one example of why South Africans should keep telling their wonderful stories:


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