Business & Industry SA program aims to equip kids for the future by helping them...

SA program aims to equip kids for the future by helping them think like entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial classes by FutureProofSA are teaching pupils skills that they don't necessarily learn in a classroom.

Co-founded in 2015 by entrepreneurial educationalist Lisa Illingworth, the FNB-backed FutureProofSA program has instilled entrepreneurial skills in over 600 pupils across South Africa through partnering with schools like St Andrews, St. Peters, Vuleka School and Parkfields Primary.

FutureProof has been able to introduce over 600 kids to entrepreneurial thinking through its school programs, weekend mentorship and wildly popular ‘Bake-a-Business’ workshops.

It gives kids the opportunity to craft their own futures by applying the entrepreneurial skills gained in their real-life situations.

FutureProof says its solution to the youth unemployment crisis is simple: teach them the real-world, practical entrepreneurship skills needed to not only run a business but to navigate through life, by preparing children for an uncertain future.

By instilling an entrepreneurial mindset, we look to cultivate a generation of hungry entrepreneurs who are able to identify and build-on opportunities.

– educationalist and FutureProofSA co-founder Lisa Illingworth

In the time of innovation, teachers aren’t equipped to deal with change. It’s a frightening forecast for a country already rife with unemployment and young South Africans making up 65% of the unemployed population.

“Our courses teach problem-solving at the highest level to the youngest kids, and we have seen some amazing success stories come out of this in kids as young as eight years old,” explains Illingworth.

The pupils who’ve benefited from FutureProof’s courses come from some of the most elite schools in the country to the most economically disadvantaged. Illingworth hopes to spend more time on the latter in the near future.

Although FutureProof practices what they preach as a proudly “for purpose, for-profit” business, they seek to empower disadvantaged South African’s through promoting entrepreneurship. For FutureProof entrepreneurship is a mechanism for intervening in the poverty cycle that young people are caught up in.

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