Business & Industry Life begins at 50 as biochemist and entrepreneur launches own brand of...

Life begins at 50 as biochemist and entrepreneur launches own brand of washing powder

A career change for this woman meant that a great product is on offer to South Africans

The saying “age is just a number” rings true in the case of a Sowetan biochemist and entrepreneur who quit her high-paying job to launch her own washing powder brand recently.

Nokuthula Fihla developed Gogo’s Washing Powder, a black-owned brand produced in Soweto. And she embarked on this new venture at the “tender age” of 50!

Speaking to Sowetanlive, Fihla said that turning 50 was a motivator for her to launch her own product.

 “I knew that if I don’t do it now, I will live with regrets. My aim is to empower communities around here.”

Nokuthula Fihla

Fihla worked in the research and development department of consumer goods company Unilever for 10 years. Her corporate career also includes working for pharmaceutical company Adcock Ingram and soft drink manufacturer PepsiCo.  

According to her Facebook page, Fihla developed her new brand of washing powder by combining her knowledge of biochemistry with the “wisdom of our grandmothers (gogos)”. Hence the name Gogo’s Washing Powder.

“We call them by different names: Gogo, Koko, Makhulu, Kukwana, Nkgono, MaGriza, etc. We all love our gogos. They carry knowledge and wisdom that has been passed on from generation to generation,” she explained.

Gogo’s Washing Powder is sold as 150g bags, as well as five-litre, 10-litre and 20-litre bottles of liquid detergent.

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